School Evaluation Summary

This assignments provided me with the opportunity to evaluate the technology integration in the organization I work for. The assignment allowed me to take a closer look at the various aspects included in the Maturity Model Benchmarks and how these benchmarks apply to my present working environment.

The organization I work for seems to be a cutting-edge innovative model and ranks at the highest Intelligent stage in all aspects of the Maturity Model. This assignment and reading peers’ posts confirmed that and it is very exciting to work for such an organization. This model has its challenges, of course, but a better understanding of the complex process of planning and implementation would allow me to contribute more fully to the further development of the organization.

This assignment is clearly related with planning, monitoring, and controlling resource support systems and services (AECT Standard 4.2). Problem Analysis ,Criterion-Referenced Measurement and Evaluation (AECT 5.1, 5.2, 5.3) are necessary steps to inform long-term evaluation and the Model Maturity Benchmarks provide a basis for carrying all those steps necessary for informed decision-making in the strategic planning process(AECT 5.4).

And here is the survey:

2 responses

  1. You did an excellent job with the detailed analysis of each task. I am not sure under each grouping we were to define the area. I thought we were supposed to give an overall mark for each category and explain our reasoning for that mark. I could be very wrong and you could be correct.
    There are some minor grammar issues in both the WordPress post and the Evaluation.

    I enjoyed working with you both personally and professionally this term. Warm regards for the holidays.

  2. Wow – what a unique opportunity to work in such a virtual environment. It is obvious that the institution was designed from the ground up to foster and support a virtual learning environment. I found it interesting that the institution “lowest” scores were specifically on curricular integration.

    I ditto “B”‘s comments above on minor grammar issues but overall it looked like you had fun and the assignment looks great.

    I look forward to seeing you in other classes…enjoy the holiday.

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