Module 2 Reflection

In this module I reviewed about epistemology and epistemological systems – theories that I have studied some time
ago and that have been well forgotten until now. Always good to review those from time to time. I also learned about communities of practice- seems to me only the terminology sounds new but basically what I have been doing in my work is based on the communities of practice learning as these days we talk about learning communities which share
similar values and beliefs, have similar aims, contribute to the enrichment of learning and experience of all involved.

As I am an online teacher and course developer I actually use technology extensively. What s important is to make sure to ‘personalize” technology, in my opinion.

I find the reading repetitive from so many sources and would prefer to have two or three basic readings for the week, which are consistent and build upon each other.

In the text I could see the links made between learning theories and learning environments and liked all the examples given as they gave me a clear idea what this subject is all about and how it relates to learning environments. I hope we will have more of those examples in the course to explore and see learning environments.

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