Module 3 Reflection

In your Module 3 Reflection extend your linkages between theories of learning, theories of educational technology and your own classroom instruction or professional practice.

This week’s discussion with so many chapter summaries made me think of what parts of those educational theories have been applied in the online course I have developed and teach.

I was able to make linkages with Chapter 5 which describes argumentation as a way of learning and mastering knowledge. In the online course I teach as well as in the ones I follow this and previous semester we have a lot of discussions. Our discussions in the IB Economics online course are pretty much focused around Theory of Knowledge approach and our students need to show their understanding and insights on the topics learned in the week. I agree with the reading about argumentation that learners do not always have the skills to build an argument but have also seen learners who enjoy their contributions to the class discussions and also build strong arguments which help their peers gain valuable insights in the economic concepts studied.

Another learning theory that stuck chord with the way our IB course has been designed is the theory of learning through case studies. We have a few case studies in the courses which students are required to either create presentation on using certain guiding questions or just discuss questions in a discussion forum. Later on students need to use this experience to apply their knowledge to real-world raw extracts and write a commentary on the events in the extract. Thus using the case based scenarios our courses lead the students towards the writing of their Internal Assessment commentaries.

And the assignment of the annotated bibliography also contributed to my understanding that usually a mix of theories and approaches to teaching and learning leads to the best results and student achievements. Although I still find it quite challenging to keep myself focused on only one area in the Annotated Bibliography assignment for this module. Provision of some examples from previous students of this assignment as well as more guidance on the areas to research would have been very useful.

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