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Job Description assignment

Job Description


1. What are teachers expected to do that instructional designers are not?

Teachers are expected to do students’ assessment while instructional designers are not. Teachers are expected to be competent in a specific subject knowledge while the instructional designer’s role is more supportive in regards to technology implementation across all faculties. Teachers are expected to deliver subject content.

2. What are instructional designers expected to do that teachers are not?

Instructional designers are expected to have knowledge about technology and technology systems that support using technology in learning. They are also expected to train teachers in technological skills and implementing those skills throughout the curriculum. Instructional designers are expected to be familiar with various technologies, provide support for the LMS used in the institution.

3. What are the three major differences between a teacher and an instructional designer? 

The first major difference is between the audiences that their work is focused on: teachers’s audience are the students, while the work of instructional designer has to fit the needs of faculty. Teachers transfer knowledge to students, while instructional designers need to be able to transfer knowledge to faculty and staff.

The second major difference is in the competencies required: teachers are required to have an in-depth knowledge of their subject and pedagogy, knowledge of best practices in teaching and assessment while instructional designers need to have an in-depth knowledge of instructional design systems and methods, instructional strategies and needs analysis, technological skills and competence and knowledge of different instructional technologies. How instructional designers manage to learn all new technologies is beyond my understanding, though.

The third major difference is that teachers work mainly in educational institutions while instructional designers seem to fit in other types of businesses, as well, such as banking and insurance, government offices, etc.

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