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About Me Assignment

Introduction image

CARP Assignment

CARP Assignment

Below is my CARP assignment. I chose to apply the principles of CARP to a part of my Unit if Instructions ; diagrams and descriptions of what they show.

Contrasting colors have been  used to show the consequences of imposition by the government of taxation, subsidies and price controls on the free market. The contrasting colors in the presentation of the models on the left have been used to establish visually the consequences of taxation, subsidies and price controls.

Alignment– vertical and horizontal alignments have been used to align the diagrams (vertical), the text boxes (vertical), each diagram with the textbox (horizontal), titles in the text boxes (centered), text in the textboxes (left alignment). The horizonatal alignment of each diagram with the corresponding textbox enables the perception that the diagram and the textbox are related.

Repetition has been applied to the structure of the text, the presentation of the diagrams, the fomating of the text and text titles. It allows to create a ‘sense of harmony and unity’ as pointed out in the textbook (p.203). Also there is repetition of the font of the text and titles.

Proximity – the diagram and the description of what each diagram represents have been positioned next to each other, thus showing their relationship with each other.

The only thing I was wondering how to do is how to keep the images clear when I insert them in this post and enlarge them. At the moment they appear a little blurred.



Selection Assignment

SELECTion Assignment

For this assignment I chose to create a visual which is related to my Unit of Instruction and the goals and learning outcomes of it. I have tried to utilize the three Cs mentioned in the textbook, concreteness, concentration and concise when selecting the figure. For the images I have left as ‘figure’ only those parts that are important, e.g. the baskets with different amount of goods in the first pair of images and the S lines in the diagram. The rest I chose to make less pronounced so that it can be perceived as ground and not focus attention to it.

I have also tried to select the most important phrases in the text as figure, using larger size of the font and a different color. Thus learners attention will focus more easily on the important things to remember about the effects of government intervention in markets.


Color and Depth Project

Color and Depth

For this assignment I chose to modify my assignment on CARP a bit by using dark background and light color for the text. As the area of the rectangles is small a dark background is chosen and light color for the text. In this way the figure becomes more pronounced than the ground.

For the titles I used also dark background and some shadow to make them different. And for the title of the slide, only shadow was used. Using shadow makes the titles stand out.

Color and Depth

Organization project

Organization Project

For my project this week I chose to create a concept map showing the different lessons of the Unit of Instruction. The learners are high school students and such a visual can be helpful for them. Also in a WBT the different parts of the concept map can be used to link to the lessons themselves which will make navigation of the unit of instruction easy.

Each lesson represents a way in which the governments intervene in markets. The title of the unit is in the rectangle on the left and the titles of each lesson are in the light grey ovals. The dark grey ovals represent the subtopics in each lesson.

I have used the left to right presentation which is the reading order, as mentioned in the textbook. Also the size of the ovals is the same for the lessons and the subtopics. The vertical alignment of lessons and subtopics also is part of the reading order and at the same time represents the order in which the lessons will be presented. The arrows and their size show the relationships between the Unit of instructions, lessons and topics in each lesson.

The aim of this concept map is to show the hierarchy to the learners and hope it manages to do so.

Organizational Project

White Space Project

506 Final project is here:

506 Design Process Model: file:///Users/lydiageorgieva/OneDrive/Boise/websites/edtech/506/week6_lgeorgieva.html

506 Typography assignment: file:///Users/lydiageorgieva/OneDrive/Boise/websites/edtech/506/Typographyasg1.html

506 Assignment on shapes: file:///Users/lydiageorgieva/OneDrive/Boise/websites/edtech/506/Shapes.html

White Space Project

White Space Project


I chose to present an image of an introductory page which leads students to a worksheet to check their knowledge on the topic of price controls. The link to the worksheet itself has not been added as I used Fireworks but this image can be easily transformed into the HTML page.

In this assignment I used asymmetry to create visual interest. I also used to contrasting colors, although I chose basic colors such as red. The choice of colors determines the white space better. Have aimed to align right and left the titles and to justify the text visually, as well as to center the image of the cup of milk.

Universal Design example


I have not created my own image but chose to find a real universal image used all over the world. Airport signs and symbols are a good example of this. Most of them are easily understood by everybody even if the language accompanying them is unfamiliar to the travellers.

Although some of those icons and symbols look unfamiliar, most are familiar and definitely “grab attention” and ‘stick in one’s mind” , also the images are definitely well chosen to communicate to the travellers the information that needs to be communicated. It meets the requirements of ‘equitable use” , “simple and intuitive”, “low physical effort” (

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