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Instructional Software Overview

Instructional Software Overview

Instructional software describes computer software that is used to assist teachers in delivery in the classroom and students in their learning. The sole purpose of instructional software is to support instruction and/or learning. (Roblyer & Doering, 2016). There is a lot of “educational” software available and the educators’ responsibility is to choose the software that best supports instruction and learning in her/his content area.

Roblyer and Doering suggest that an educator should consider the five types of instructional software when making a choice as each type has specific uses and advantages.

Types of instructional software

Drill and Practice: This type of software is time-saving for teachers. It provides an immediate feedback to the learners answer to a question. It may provide an explanation as a review if the student answers the question incorrectly. In my content area we use this as a kind of a Knowledge Check or short multiple choice quiz where students choose the answer they consider correct. Such software is

Tutorial: Students access an instructional program on a topic. It is a stand-alone instructional method rather than supplementing instruction. In my content area tutorials are used to present a topic prior to various different activities such as discussions. Tutorials also can include questions to check students’ understanding. Software that I often use to create tutorials: Google Slides

Simulation: Simulation enables students to see how a system works by using a computerized model of the system. The computer model teaches students about something or to do something. In Economics we use simulations such as “Be the Chancellor” where students choose the different macroeconomic indicators, simulating choices made by governments and thus they can see how the situation is the country is affected by their choice.

Instructional Games: These are educational games online which students use. They are fun and motivating. Some such games for Economics are: “The small business game” (for running a business), “Ayiti, The Cost of Life” (about problems in developing countries).

Problem Solving: By using this software students are taught problem solving skills such as recalling information, analyzing, organizing information, making analogies, predicting outcomes. Mind-mapping and brainstorming tools such as can be considered such software if it is accompanied by explanation, analysis.

Some advantages of using instructional software in teaching Economics is that students are more motivated and engaged. Instructional software also allows to meet students’ specific needs, e.g. drill and practice software allows students to practice on their own if they feel challenged by the content.

Instructional software also allows to achieve differentiated instruction as the teacher can choose the type that best will fit students’ needs in consideration of students’ learning styles and curricular outcomes.

The everyday life of our students is full with technology such as smartphones, tablets, laptops. The efficient integration of technology in the instruction serves to motivate students, engage them with content, develop their interest in learning.

Instructional technology and its usage is also beneficial for teachers as it can save time, allow for more personalized approach to students and thus motive their students to become life-long learners

Roblyer, M. Instructional Software for 21st Century Teaching. Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching (7th ed).,

Image source: Wikimedia Commons: A reflection of a man typing on a laptop computer, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

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Introduction video

In this assignment I used video captions of iMovie, as well as some static images such as photos to introduce myself. I also inserted some music background from from my iTune library to make the video engaging and interesting. It needed some editting and adjustment, some transitions to be added. Then I uploaded it on YouTube which is part of the World Wide Web and embedded the video in the discussion forum assigned for that. One specific feature is that I wouldn’t have been able to access YouTube without using my VPN due to my location.

I learned a lot from this assignment and also from watching peers’ videos and reading discussion posts where tools used have been shared. This was my first time to create a video and I feel I need to practice a lot so that I become more proficient with different forms of media and integrating those in a product.

Zotero Library Assignment

Compose a brief reflection about this assignment–how you demonstrate digital literacy skills through conducting effective searches using Google Scholar and Albertsons Library. Discuss how you applied APA style to a reference list. Also, you might want to include your experiences learning how to use Zotero and how you might use it in the classroom. Include information about using Zotero groups and how that might be used in your classroom, if applicable.

Finally, add your resources you collected that support the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning. Remember, the more you add  now about artifacts, along with reflections, the more you will remember later down the road, when you have to select artifacts for your final portfolio.

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